Neoprene Embroidered Jacket  490 lei   event price 245 lei

Neoprene Embroidered Dress   650 lei   event price 325 lei

Neoprene Embroidered Red Dress price  650 lei     event price 325 lei
Embroidered Red Bustier price 240 lei     event price  120 lei

Tulle and embroidered feathers bodysuit price  240 lei     event price 120 lei
Embroidered Black Bustier price 240 lei     event price  120 lei

Ruffled Electric Blue Deux Piece price 850 lei event price 425

Ruffled Black Deux Piece price 850 lei event price 425

Ruffled Open Back Deux Piece price 540 lei event price 270

Petal Shirt 270 lei    Sweet November price135 lei

Embroidered Black Jacket price 390 lei event price 195 lei

Neoprene Jacket price 270 lei event price 135 lei

Embroidered White Dress price 540 lei event price 270 lei

Velvet Fringes Playsuit price 330 lei   new price: 165.oo

Fringes and Fur 450.oo lei   new price : lei 225.oo

                                                       Fur And Fringes Vest lei 450.oo lei 225.oo

Vlevet Red Dress 270.oo lei event price lei 135.oo

 Vlevet Red Dress 270.oo lei event price lei 135.oo

Ruffled Green Playsuit price lei 330 event price 165 lei

Velvet And Lace Bodysuit price 240 lei event price 120 lei

 Black Velvet Slip Bodysuit price 150 lei event price 75 lei

Red Transparent Playsuit price 270 lei event price 135 lei

 Black Velvet Slip Bodysuit price 150 lei event price 75 lei

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